This Blog Primarily Focused on my Personal Streetwear Style & Art (B+W Is Everything)


Xrnzz (pronounced Ernzz), and commonly known as Ernest/ Ernie) is a creature spawned from absolute darkness... *humour* Xrnzz is actually a 19 year old student studying Illustration and Visual Media at University of the arts London: London College of Communication, and was previously studying Visual Arts and Design at The BRIT School. Ernest is of Nigerian and Ghanaian decent, and was born and is based in London England

Ernest Is very passionate about films, music, fashion, and art, however this blog Is primary focussed on Xrnzz's love of streetwear and his sometimes gloomy, monochrome sense of style (exhibit A: the gif up above drenched in woes... *humour*)  this blog will also occasionally feature Xrnzz's illustrations, and design work which he hopes will be printed onto clothes and worn by other trendy but disturbed Individuals some day... *humour*.

Evident to the suffocating amount of the colour black on this blog, you could tell that Xrnzz Is very Into the streetgoth, streetware style, his Ideal piece of clothing is white prints on a black T-shirt/ sweatshirt, there's just something about the colour black that looks so elegant and smart, and when the colour white interjects It gives It just enough life that you don't go out looking like you're walking around after 50 years of slumber In the clothes you were buried In...*zombie humour*. you may also be able to tell that Xrnzz's really interested and inspired by Japanese culture, from It's Art, to its fashion, his favourite artist of all time happens to be Shohei otomo, who Is a Japanese Illustrator and has a big influence on Xrnzz's design, and Illustration work.

Some of his main inspirations include:
The Youtuber RochNoire
The Fashion Blogger The Slumflower
The Fashion Blogger Max Davis
The Youtuber Itsxroyy
Blogger TIJAE

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