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Saturday, 20 February 2016


First Time Attending London Fashion Week

Hey guys as you've probably realised I attended the London fashion week at soho on friday for the first time which Is probably terrible for someone who's a streetwear fashion blogger, but I've been now and I had a great time It was such an amazing experience, I met a lot of really cool people, and I found a lot of cool style inspirations  and just all around encouraged my love of fashion, art and individuality.
Now for my LFW look, I know for fashion week It's the unwritten rule to stand out as much as possible and I can tell you from what I saw yesterday a lot of people were definitely!! abiding by this rule *humour* but In a good way...  (no shade) *humour* however I decided to just look presentable enough so I look like I'm meant to be there while a take pictures of the pretty people and I think It worked which Is no surprise as sophistication and simplicity are a big part of my style anyway B)  *humour*
I chose to wear a new shirt I got from TopMan with a repeat black floral print pattern which Is considerably different from what I would immediately wear which Is why I just decided to try It out now I complimented It with my usual faux leather jacket because I have a problem and, I'm obsessed with It but It's okay cause I've taken the first step which Is admitting that there Is a problem -_- *humour* In addition I wore my ripped black ASOS skinny jeans and my wolf Nike Air Max's overall I was really happy with the humble LFW outfit approach especially since It was a gamble wearing a combination of clothes you haven't worn before and I was told that my outfit was similar to Harry Styles' style, and I was told to take this as a compliment which I did.

H&M Faux Leather Biker Jacket (OUT OF STOCK)

Black Floral Print TopMan Shirt (Only available in store)

Ripped Black skinny jeans from ASOS (OUT OF STOCK) Other styles available on ASOS

Nike Air Max's (OUT OF STOCK)

In summary I really enjoyed my first London fashion week experience and If you scroll down a little you can see another highlight of the day.

Brief Visit to The Apartment during LFW

While I was skulking around LFW with  the IllustratedBaker, she took me into this amazing place called The Apartment which Is basically this social hub full of creativity, this was my first time visiting there, and everyone was really lovely and looked incredible, such a great inspirational environment to be in even If It was just a quick visit, so If your interested in fashion blogging and all things related to that and the arts then check them out I'll leave their website below.


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