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Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Grunge Inspired Street Style Look

As you could probably tell by the title and the imagery this Is a grunge inspired street style look, the way this look came about was me realising how much grunge style items I have but have done nothing with, for example the converses I'm wearing, this is the first time Iv'e worn them in a very long time and I'm sure they'll never forgive me for that *humour*  and it's a shame cause they actually suit my typical monochrome attire so maybe after this post I'll start wearing them more, not likely -_- ...  anyway for this outfit I wanted to keep It simple and not overdo things, my favourite part of this outfit Is this really old t-shirt I got from TopMan about 3 years ago and It's remained my favourite ever since, this was before my Criminal Damage days of course *humour* the print of the b/w explosion on the tee has been screen printed on to It and I think It suits the indie, grunge vibe of the outfit the t-shirt brand Is called "And now wee" and they usually sell their Items at TopMan or Urban Outfitters If you're interested In their style.
My second favourite part of this look Is the classic check shirt wrapped around the waist as It's basically a grunge style staple to do this, and It just gives the outfit a simple laid back and edgy look, you could obviously try the same style with a coloured check shirt but me being me It had to be a black and white one just to give my take on grunge a more personal touch.

Faux Leather Jacket H&M (SOLD OUT)

And Now Wee Tee TopMan (SOLD OUT)

B/W Check Shirt ASOS

B/W Chuck Taylor Converse JD Sports

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