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Thursday, 25 February 2016


How To Dress Like The Sarcastic Internet Kid (me)

Ignore the incredibly hilarious episode title as hard as that might be *humour and I'll start this blog entry properly with an introduction of this look, basically I was messing around In my wardrobe trying to create an outfit with this white parka jacket I'm wearing and yes I know what you're thinking "you actually put effort into looking this mediocre" and the answer Is, shut up -__- *humour*...  now I really like this jacket and you guys know by now that I love graphic tee's so I figured that one of my black t-shirts would go with this white jacket and because I wanted to go with a more cleaner look since I'll be wearing a lot more white than usual which reminded me a lot of a modern technology, minimalistic type of look so my vintage Microsoft tech inspired tee from Criminal Damage just made sense to me and I feel like It works really well the computer prints work perfectly with the white jacket, which I must let you know looks good but Is basically useless as a functioning jacket meaning It keeps out precisely 0% cold and keeps you 0% warm -_- so wearing It In London at this time of year Is idiotic, which Is why this photo-shoot took place inside (fun fact) I contrasted the clean look on the top half with a grunge like effect that my ripped jeans from ASOS have but then I tidy things up again my rolling up the ends and ending It with the cleanest of sneakers my black and white theas Fun fact: I know they aren't the cleanest of sneakers *humour*
Now that thats over let me know what you think about the outfit what would change, add, takeaway ect... and maybe you can help improve my style a little :) as always you can check out my INSTAGRAM and TUMBLR for updates on my posts and also my BLOGLOVIN account to be updated as soon as a new blog post is up.

White Parka Jacket From ASOS (OUT OF STOCK)

Criminal Damage Pixel Black T-Shirt 

Ripped skinny jeans from ASOS (OUT OF STOCK)

Nike Air Max Thea From FootAsylum 

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