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Thursday, 24 September 2015


Graphic But Simple Streetwear Look (Photos By Rochelle Voh)

I'm just gonna start off by saying yes I'm wearing Criminal Damage after my very public declaration to cut down on the amount of CD brand clothing that I style myself with however I did this shoot a little while ago before my previous post so I decided to get this one out of the way so that I can officially start my Criminal Damage embargo next week, now that I've addressed my extremely  contradictory actions lets continue.

So this look Is literally my way of showing that you can stand out, and look good without throwing too much into one outfit, I feel like nowadays people try way too hard to stand out and I always like to keep It simple cause I believe that less Is more, this Is something that Is evident In design, and also fashion so this look Is just an example of that, the outfit Is made up of muted colours and by that I mean black + white like In most of my other posts but the main focus Is all on the graphic t-shirt from CD It's a really loud all over print which I picked cause I'm obsessed with  monochrome crap.
Since I know that the focus Is going to be on my t-shirt I kept everything out very basic jet black skinny jeans, ripped though just to add a bit more character and I end It with monochrome b+w Nike Theas because they're in my opinion one of there most slickest,  simple and beautifully designed sneakers.
I hope this has given you guys a little taste of how you can stand out, show character, and personality, without wearing Joseph's technicolor dream coat *humour* a lot of people criticise people who like to dress in b+w and accuse them of playing it safe, or having no personality or looking to gothic I cant speak for everyone's choices for wearing monochrome but I personally have always loved wearing black I think It's a very smart colour It has those kind of connotations, people wear It when they want to be taken seriously or respected, It's also very bold It lets people notice you without looking like you want to be noticed and I've seen many people show plenty of personality In their monochrome attire which Is something I try to do all the time with my outfits which shows that there are many ways to show who you are in your clothing besides colour, such as style, design, prints ect...

Criminal Damage White Scorpion T-shirt

Hype Skinny Jeans With Ripped Knees 

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