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Tuesday, 1 September 2015


My CXIMINVL DVMVGE X Charlie Brown Collection PT2 (Photos Taken by TIJAE)

So this Is the second outfit I organised with the clothes from the Criminal Damage colab with Peanuts/ Charlie Brown the way this outfit came to fruition was actually by experimenting with different combos as I didn't just want to present each item of clothing as It Is In each post as It's not very creative and since this Is a street style blog I always try to put effort in styling the outfits that I do posts on, so originally I was just going to do the snoopy t-shirt and wrap the basic black + white check shirt around my waist to go for that classic grunge summer look, however I had a crazy thought that I could use my sweatshirt from the PT1 post instead and I originally thought It would look ridiculous but I actually liked the outcome so much that I changed the look, anyway long story short this Is the result and I liked that I was able to combine other parts of the collection into this outfit as It definitely makes It more interesting , and i hope to continue this "trend" when able. I'm glad that I get to show you guys the more fun side to my style as usually I come across more dark and serious with my style of clothing but I these kind of stuff too.

CXIMINVL DVMVGE X Peanuts Comic Stripe T-Shirt: This Is another one of my favourite pieces In the peanuts collection, the comic book print just looks so awesome, and really appropriate considering that Charlie Brown was originally a comic strip, so to use the actual artwork from the comics was a really cool, and clever design choice that translates really well on a t-shirt, but as much as I love the comic print I feel as though the back print with the word snoopy written Is my favourite part of It and the print Is such a good quality it's got a latex type feel to it so you know it'll last, and I just think that snoopy Is the coolest little character and having that written above the double zero makes me feel like the coolest little character in existence *humour* It just makes sense as snoopy Is a main character within the charlie brown universe which Is why I think It's dope that they created a really cool t-shirt design around him, this Is definitely one of my favourite t-shirts I own not just In the "Charlie Brown collection" but In general.

CXIMINVL DVMVGE X Peanuts Crown Sweatshirt: I already spoke about how incredibly awesome I think this sweatshirt Is In my first post about the collection to I'm just going to briefly say that my thoughts have not changed I still love the print design, the quality of the sweatshirt It really good, and I know have a really cool way to style an outfit with It, so now I can wear It with out actually wearing It, but If this satisfactory info I'm putting a link to my previous post on this here.

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