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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


My Sophisticated but Casual, Simplistic but Dark Streetwear Style (Photos taken by Rochelle Voh)

So this post Is very significant to me because I came to a realisation of how important fashion has become to me In very short amount of time I seriously see It as a form of self expression, an efficient way to tell people who you are without saying a word you can express a statement, opinion, mood,  and things you love or hate.
This Is the sought of thing that drives my style process, picking an outfit to wear or what clothes to buy Is entirely based on how I feel, what represents my personality and what I specifically think Is cool which would be different to what others consider to be cool but thats a good thing as It's how you differentiate yourself from other peoples style.
I find this a lot more fun than frantically searching for the latest trends In order to look up to date and "trendy" as this Is essentially telling you what most people are wearing and Is suggesting that you should be wearing It too which makes fashion seem very bland and robotic rather than free and expressive.
The only reason I'm including this Is to let people know my take on fashion and an insight on how I see my style, but that concludes the serious part of this blog post.

Now to the fun part this look Is almost all Asos brand clothing, the main focus Is clearly the long sleeve t-shirt with X on the square marble print on It, as soon as I saw this there was like an instant connection and I immediately thought "X is for Xrnzz" for the title of this blog post before I'd even bought It because I'm lunatic *humour* I'm wearing my hype ripped skinny jeans again which I didn't like at first but now they're really growing on me, and this black Asos bomber jacker Is my new best friend *humour* the only other thing I'm wearing that Isn't Asos brand apart from the sneakers Is my very cool faux leather backpack which is actually from New Look. so basically only half the outfit Is asos branded idc -_- (links to all this monochrome moody garbage down below *humour*)

Finally summer Is over and It's the start of autumn winter which Is great because I can finally go out In all black without people thinking I'm crazy, or putting myself at risk of a heat stroke *humour*
so for this episode I'm basically giving you a glimpse of the look I'm going for and the sought of things I'm getting into for the coming winter, as you can probably see I'm going back to a more moody, cold look with a lot of simplistic monochrome outfits with graphic white on black prints so sadly you wont be seeing my charlie brown stuff for a while or at least that often.
In addition to my wardrobe getting moodier I've now found a new best friend In the bomber jacket *humour* like when I was younger I used to find It annoying switching from summer attire to winter attire after getting used to just wearing t-shirts I had to switch to wearing an ugly jacket my dad picked out for me which would always be 465x too big *humour* because african parents always think you're going to grow into things -__- but now I actually get excited when I think about the different jackets I can style with my outfits that not only function well but look cool.
Now the last little piece of info of what you'll be seeing on my blog or in this case wont be seeing on my blog Is less Criminal Damage, It's quite clear from looking at my blog, or social media that CD just gets my style and they produce a lot of the dark, edgy, cool stuff that I'm into but believe It or not I'm actually into a few other brands which Is what you'll be seeing more of on my blog.

Oversized Long Sleeve T-shirt with Marble Print

New Look Faux Leather Back

Hype Skinny Jeans With Ripped Knees

Asos Black Bomber Jacket (Out of Stock)

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