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Sunday, 23 August 2015


 Urban London Streetwear Look (Photos taken by TIJAE)

So last week me and fellow fashion blogger TIJAE decide to do a special photo shoot set In one of London's most used transport, the overground as we both had urban fashion styles and looks we thought would suit that typical London vibe that Is present on the trains, you can also check out her look here.

I had a few Ideas of what I wanted to do for this shoot, I feel as though It's taken me a while to really find my style, and now that I have I always try to find the right clothes to suit my mood, personality or to match the atmosphere I'm In, which Is what I was essentially going for with this look, as you can see I'm sporting yet another awesome criminal damage sweatshirt, I did this on purpose as not only Is criminal damage a London based sreetwear brand, but they usually Incorporate a lot of London culture and style Into their designs which Is very evident In this sweatshirt.
The way I went with this look Is the classic white shirt underneath the sweatshirt tactic which always prevails in giving you a sophisticated look that says you're a rebel that does what he/ she wants but still gets to bed at a reasonable hour because only true hardcore rebels know how important sleep Is obvs *humour* but seriously this tactic does give you a smart, clean,  and cool look anyway moving on to the specifics of this outfit down below.

CXIMINVL DVMVGE Playback Sweatshirt : As I've said already I really love this sweatshirt, my style Is heavily Inspired by urban street fashion, and I feel like this fits right into that category and It's got a quirky edge to the concept of the print design which Is very much appreciated by me I love clothing that has cool designs that really show something about my personality, and characteristics In this case my love of music, I draw a lot and one of the ways I get Inspired to draw or to help me concentrate while I'm drawing Is by listening to a playlist of  music and Incase you're interested I can literally listen to any genre of music however my favourite genres are Chillstep, Dubstep, Jazz and Rock and if you still care I've found these youtube channels amazing for finding my type of music ENMMR SUICIDE SHEEP and ONE CHILLED PANDA there's a lot of interesting alternative music on there which Is definitely worth giving a listen but I digress anyway back to the sweatshirt In addition to Its dope design the quality and function are also up to snuff will be In winter soon so having a good sweatshirt that can keep you warm and cosy with the added effect of making you too hip for modern life Is of course a much appreciated bonus *humour*

Since my love of music has slipped into this post I'm going to continue this by doing a PT 2 post where I go Into detail on how music and art link Into my fashion style, because I like other people I'm sure believe that art, music and fashion are part of the same clique, so look out for the next part of this post and make sure to check out my INSTAGRAM and TUMBLR  for updates on everything Xrnzz related *humour*


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