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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Episode V: X The Skater

Urban Skater Look (Photos taken by Blogger TIJAE)

Dear Street Style Zombies sorry I've been really busy lately either preparing blog posts, or catching up with friends which Is what summer Is really for, but the fun part of my summer Is over now It's time to get back to work starting with this awesome skater esq. street style look, photos courtesy of TIJAE.
So full disclosure I'm not a skater GASP!!!! I could be though based on my style and personality people assume that I'm the type of dude who skates sadly this is not true I'm planning on learning how to though as i have a lot of respect for the sport and the street style that skaters have, the day of the photo shoot was a good start so naturally I expect to be a pro soon B) *humour* anyway moving forward from that shocking revelation *humour*  time to identify the items that made the look.
Since most of the basic things I'm wearing have been mentioned In a lot of my previous blog posts I'm just going to talk about the new pieces of clothing I'm wearing which are the most important components of this look anyway.

New Look Graphic Print Long Sleeve T-shirt from ASOS (Sold Out): I got this t-shirt a month ago and I hadn't worn It but I had this idea In the back of my mind of doing this shoot as I've being eyeing this skate park In southbank for quite sometime now, and I just knew that this t-shirt would work really well In that environment as It has that edgy skater vibe. I really love the design of this shirt, as you may know graphic tees are an essential part of my style so in order to stop things getting repetitive I like to get things that have a creative design, which Is what I saw In this piece, I just really love the way the main focus Is on the left sleeve of the t-shirt rather than a big piece of graphics in the middle of It, instead It compensates with a small emblem logo on the top left and then also a large white print on the back, I just love this t-shirt so much It screams urban style which Is kinda my thing so I'm definitely  glad I bought It.

Marvel Punisher New Era SnapBack from ASOS (Sold Out): As I promised In my previous post that I would do more posts with new snapbacks, I've kept that promise, bringing you this awesome faux leather black punisher logo snapback. This Is my favourite one so far, incase you didn't know I am a huge comics fan, personally DC Is my favourite with some exceptions such as the X-Men, Avengers ect...  but I digress *nerd moment*  even though the punisher has never been on my radar as far as comics or movies go I've always thought he was cool and It's safe to say that the coolness has been translated quite nicely into this snapback I think because most of the clothes I wear have a sought of gothic influence It fits very well with my wardrobe style, meaning It basically goes with almost everything I wear.

I'll be posting a lot more of these pics on my Instagram, and Tumblr pages so look out for that.

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