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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Episode IV:The Everyday Casual Street look PT1

Laid-Back Street Style Look (Photos were taken by Beauty/ Fashion Blogger and Youtuber RochNoire)

Hey guyyyyyssss hope you're all feeling great and are ready for my next blog post :D *humour* LOL how weird would It be If I actually spoke like this *laughs hysterically for 8 minutes then sighs* how ridiculous, anyway so I'm bringing you this laid back pre summer street style look, I say pre summer cause remember In London It doesn't stay hot for too long, however recently the weather has been behaving or maybe It's cause my wish to control the weather with my mind has finally been granted and In that I case I quit blogging and I'm off to takeover the world -_-...
but I digress as the title suggests I'm going for a calm laid back street-wear look, this Is basically what I would wear when going to meet friends ect... I got my new Criminal Damage tee, ripped hype jeans, the hype snapback I'm always wearing cause I'm a tad obsessive *promise this Is the last time you'll see It for a while*  I really like this outfit It's very casual, I really love how the colour pallet of my clothes blend together well this Is where knowing what your fashion style Is can come in handy (style post coming soon).
Now for the serious part where I identify each item of clothing and go Into detail on my choices whilst dropping links so you can pick up those same Items If you so desire, cause I'm always nice to people who read my blog *humour*

CXIMINVL DVMVGE Graphic Print Tee from TopMan: You guys should already know how I feel about the C D brand so I'm going to make this short found this on top man, loved It, got It, however the tee Isn't as black as It looked on the website but that's a minor issue the design really Is cool love the dark cloud prints overlapped with graphic red lines, very artsy and dope but also has that dark vibe too It which is the main reason that I'm drawn too It.

HYPE Ripped Jeans from ASOS: Ripped jeans are perfect for the casual look, and they Immediately Inform passersby that you' re edgy, cool, and probably not to be trifled with.

Black Bomber Jacket from ASOS: In London even In the summer you always carry something In case It rains so I grabbed my favourite bomber jacket which Is so close to turning Into the next piece of clothing In all my blog posts but I promise It wont...  maybe...  we'll see.

Black Skull Print Backpack from ASOS (Out of stock):  This Is the backpack I use for uni, and yes they all think I'm a psycho murderer because of It, and other reasons *humour* In all seriousness I really love the Skull design print, In my artwork I usually draw from gothic or macabre imagery which Is why people keep asking me If I created the design for this backpack however I will be printing some of my artwork/ designs onto tees soon so keep your eyes open for that.

HYPE All Over Print SnapBack from ASOS: Nothing I can say about this that I haven't said already (currently bought a few new snapbacks which will be featuring in an episode soon).


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