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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

EPISODE III: King Of The Playground

Xrnzz Summer Street Style look With Tijae-T (All Photographs were taken by Tijae-T

This look Is actually quite simple and easy as a summer street style look should be, It's all about being casual but putting enough of yourself In to your clothing so that you stand out, I usually do this by wearing a really nice graphic tee, but there are alternatives like vest tops, sweatshirts, and of course the baseball jersey. I actually bought this baseball top last summer and haven't worn It since long story short It doesn't stay hot In London for too long, but summer Is finally here again and I'm taking advantage of the sun so that my top reaches It's full potential, since It's mystical street style energy has been bottled up for over a year!!!! *humour* .
A few things I love about this top Is the traditional vintage look It has as It resembles the classic american baseball jerseys, with the black stripes on top of an all white background, and the material Is really good, It's thick so It has that authentic jersey feel to It. Last but not least the sewed on screw face emoticon badge which turns this classic baseball jersey into this dope alternative piece of streetwear, It just adds more personality, making It more current, and appealing, It's a simple addition but It goes a long way and It really represents my style and personality cause I'm so dark, edgy, and alternative B) *but doesn't everyone think they are these days? -_-  sigh*
In addition to the top I wore my usual black Waven skinny jeans (see previous posts for links) and my New Air Max Theas!!! which I'm just about ready to marry I've nicknamed them my Dark Knights...  why?  cause I'm a looser *humour*

I did this shoot with my very talented friend and fashion blogger Tijae you can click the link to check out her post .

*Baseball Jesrsey from CXIMINVL DVMVGE (sold out)
*Waven Black Jeans from ASOS
*Nike Air Max Theas from Offspring


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