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Friday, 19 June 2015

EPISODE II: Styled By RochNoire

ASOS Inspired Look, Styled by RochNoire
I've finally found the time to bring you my second photo shoot post which Is quite a special one because the outfit I'm wearing was orchestrated by the fashion & beauty youtuber RochNoire all decisions clothing wise were made by her. The way It worked was she had a look at the clothes I owned and created an outfit with current trends In mind, as an attempt to keep me "Hip" *humour*. Needless to say I was really happy with the final outcome, this Isn't my traditional clothing style however when I started this street style blog I did It with the intention to branch out and experiment with not just the clothes I wear but how I wear them which Is why letting someone style me was a great way to start.
The popular fashion trend amongst males In streetwear Is layering which is exactly what was attempted In this look, the first layer of clothing is a white long sleeve button up shirt and the second Is a black oversized sweatshirt with white patches with prints this combination worked really well I've always been a fan of the smart but casual with a dash of trill *humour* that you get when you have a really nice shirt showing underneath a more relaxed sweatshirt with a print on It, It's weird because the print on the sweatshirt makes you look more casual unlike the more formal look you'd get with a plain sweatshirt on top, however because of the type of print and how well they're placed you get this cool, edgy, formal, casual, smart, streetgoth look, It's a mess but the good kind, the kind you spent ages on so It looks just right and If anyone clears up that mess even a tiny bit It completely ruins It's delicate balance and the culprit must be destroyed *humour* *kind of* the last layer of clothing Is my black bomber jacket, which I really felt brought the whole outfit together and of course helped me stay warm as It was at night and It was cold, like really!! cold -__-    ... but I digress point being It was a nice alternative to my faux leather jacket which Is what I usually wear because It makes me feel cool, like really!! cool XD ... but I digress

Now to talk about each individual pair of clothing.

Oversized Crew Neck Sweatshirt from ASOS: I really love this sweatshirt It ticks all the boxes that are required to become one of my favourite pieces of clothing 1) It's jet black 2) dope graphite white on black/ black on white prints 3) It fits. This sweatshirt also has a vintage feel to It because of the sewed on patches with the illustrative prints they give It a really cool alternative retro look, and because It's oversized It's really comfortable.

River Island Matt Nylon Bomber from ASOS: My usual go to overcoat would be my leather jacket but now that I'm starting to branch out I've noticed how much a good jacket can contribute to the look of an outfit as I'm usually about wearing really cool t-shirts but as of recently I've gotten into jackets, and sweatshirts ect... the point Is I really like this black bomber jacket, and I cant wait till it's winter and I can show you some other looks with coats and jackets without looking stupid since It's summer *humour* (side note) It was quite cold at the time... like really cold.

Hype Ripped Skinny Jeans from ASOS: As I've said Im branching out into a wider range of streetwear styles so I decided to get a pair of ripped skinny jeans (black! of course) so far I really like them and It worked really well with the outfit, as It contributes to the "cool, edgy, formal, casual, smart, streetgoth look" 

White Cheap Monday shirt from ASOS (sold out):  Really cool shirt I picked up from ASOS unfortunately It's sold out now as I bought It a while ago but for this look you can really get any formal looking white shirt.


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