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Thursday, 21 May 2015

EPISODE I: Knight Time

Ladies and gentlemen this is my very first blog post so I decided to do a look that was very much me, meaning an all black casual streetwear ensemble featuring one of my all time favourite brands CXIMINVL DVMVGE, I literally love almost all of the content that they produce, it's a combination of high fashion, and  streetwear and one of the main things that draws me to their stuff is that their designs are inspired by art and sometimes pop culture which really appeals to me, and of course it helps that they produce a lot of black clothing with graphic white prints which i've mentioned gives me the same buzz as any drug you may or may not be taking *humour* .

I usually like to keep my outfits pretty simple so I'm gonna just breakdown what I'm wearing and a few notes on my choices.

Graphic Tee from CXIMINVL DVMVGE: As I've already said Criminal damage is one of my favourite streetwear brands cant get enough of their edgy, clean and sharp designs, and this T-shirt Is no exception, as soon as I saw It It was an immediate buy, as an artist/ illustrator I'm drawn to minimalistic, clean cut and graphic images which Is exactly what Is on display here (front & back I might add) the orderly composition of all the shapes, lines and symbols just make this top so dope and It has that awesome streetgoth artsy feel to It.

Imitation Leather Biker Jacket from H&M: It was really cold at the time of this shoot, you can proably imagine since It was done at night, so decided to wear my biker jacket, which is an obvious staple when It comes to street style, and It really worked well over my criminal damage tee since the jacket was black it kept the focus on the tee while contributing the edgy, cool, but casual look I was going for.

Waven Black Skinny Jeans from H&M: common problem with skinny jeans Is quite an obvious one, they can feel a bit too tight and can make you feel a tad uncomfortable, and It cause people to wonder wether you're deliberately trying to cut off your blood circulation *humour*  this problem Is usually sorted by pulling them down slightly so that your calves can breath,  however what I love about these Waven jeans Is that the material Is so comfortable and it gives your legs plenty of room to breath while sill looking well fitted and projecting the illusion that you're legs are suffering  :) *humour*.

Hype Snapback from Asos: You could honestly tell all the reasons I love the hat just by looking at It Black and White + graphic prints = dope.


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