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Thursday, 25 February 2016


How To Dress Like The Sarcastic Internet Kid (me)

Ignore the incredibly hilarious episode title as hard as that might be *humour and I'll start this blog entry properly with an introduction of this look, basically I was messing around In my wardrobe trying to create an outfit with this white parka jacket I'm wearing and yes I know what you're thinking "you actually put effort into looking this mediocre" and the answer Is, shut up -__- *humour*...  now I really like this jacket and you guys know by now that I love graphic tee's so I figured that one of my black t-shirts would go with this white jacket and because I wanted to go with a more cleaner look since I'll be wearing a lot more white than usual which reminded me a lot of a modern technology, minimalistic type of look so my vintage Microsoft tech inspired tee from Criminal Damage just made sense to me and I feel like It works really well the computer prints work perfectly with the white jacket, which I must let you know looks good but Is basically useless as a functioning jacket meaning It keeps out precisely 0% cold and keeps you 0% warm -_- so wearing It In London at this time of year Is idiotic, which Is why this photo-shoot took place inside (fun fact) I contrasted the clean look on the top half with a grunge like effect that my ripped jeans from ASOS have but then I tidy things up again my rolling up the ends and ending It with the cleanest of sneakers my black and white theas Fun fact: I know they aren't the cleanest of sneakers *humour*
Now that thats over let me know what you think about the outfit what would change, add, takeaway ect... and maybe you can help improve my style a little :) as always you can check out my INSTAGRAM and TUMBLR for updates on my posts and also my BLOGLOVIN account to be updated as soon as a new blog post is up.

White Parka Jacket From ASOS (OUT OF STOCK)

Criminal Damage Pixel Black T-Shirt 

Ripped skinny jeans from ASOS (OUT OF STOCK)

Nike Air Max Thea From FootAsylum 

Saturday, 20 February 2016


First Time Attending London Fashion Week

Hey guys as you've probably realised I attended the London fashion week at soho on friday for the first time which Is probably terrible for someone who's a streetwear fashion blogger, but I've been now and I had a great time It was such an amazing experience, I met a lot of really cool people, and I found a lot of cool style inspirations  and just all around encouraged my love of fashion, art and individuality.
Now for my LFW look, I know for fashion week It's the unwritten rule to stand out as much as possible and I can tell you from what I saw yesterday a lot of people were definitely!! abiding by this rule *humour* but In a good way...  (no shade) *humour* however I decided to just look presentable enough so I look like I'm meant to be there while a take pictures of the pretty people and I think It worked which Is no surprise as sophistication and simplicity are a big part of my style anyway B)  *humour*
I chose to wear a new shirt I got from TopMan with a repeat black floral print pattern which Is considerably different from what I would immediately wear which Is why I just decided to try It out now I complimented It with my usual faux leather jacket because I have a problem and, I'm obsessed with It but It's okay cause I've taken the first step which Is admitting that there Is a problem -_- *humour* In addition I wore my ripped black ASOS skinny jeans and my wolf Nike Air Max's overall I was really happy with the humble LFW outfit approach especially since It was a gamble wearing a combination of clothes you haven't worn before and I was told that my outfit was similar to Harry Styles' style, and I was told to take this as a compliment which I did.

H&M Faux Leather Biker Jacket (OUT OF STOCK)

Black Floral Print TopMan Shirt (Only available in store)

Ripped Black skinny jeans from ASOS (OUT OF STOCK) Other styles available on ASOS

Nike Air Max's (OUT OF STOCK)

In summary I really enjoyed my first London fashion week experience and If you scroll down a little you can see another highlight of the day.

Brief Visit to The Apartment during LFW

While I was skulking around LFW with  the IllustratedBaker, she took me into this amazing place called The Apartment which Is basically this social hub full of creativity, this was my first time visiting there, and everyone was really lovely and looked incredible, such a great inspirational environment to be in even If It was just a quick visit, so If your interested in fashion blogging and all things related to that and the arts then check them out I'll leave their website below.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Grunge Inspired Street Style Look

As you could probably tell by the title and the imagery this Is a grunge inspired street style look, the way this look came about was me realising how much grunge style items I have but have done nothing with, for example the converses I'm wearing, this is the first time Iv'e worn them in a very long time and I'm sure they'll never forgive me for that *humour*  and it's a shame cause they actually suit my typical monochrome attire so maybe after this post I'll start wearing them more, not likely -_- ...  anyway for this outfit I wanted to keep It simple and not overdo things, my favourite part of this outfit Is this really old t-shirt I got from TopMan about 3 years ago and It's remained my favourite ever since, this was before my Criminal Damage days of course *humour* the print of the b/w explosion on the tee has been screen printed on to It and I think It suits the indie, grunge vibe of the outfit the t-shirt brand Is called "And now wee" and they usually sell their Items at TopMan or Urban Outfitters If you're interested In their style.
My second favourite part of this look Is the classic check shirt wrapped around the waist as It's basically a grunge style staple to do this, and It just gives the outfit a simple laid back and edgy look, you could obviously try the same style with a coloured check shirt but me being me It had to be a black and white one just to give my take on grunge a more personal touch.

Faux Leather Jacket H&M (SOLD OUT)

And Now Wee Tee TopMan (SOLD OUT)

B/W Check Shirt ASOS

B/W Chuck Taylor Converse JD Sports

If you want to keep up to date with upcoming style posts you can follow my Instagram & Tumblr accounts, and if you follow me on Bloglovin you'll never miss a post.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Repping Jean- Michel- Basquiat

Hey guys, so for those of you who didn't know as well as being a streetwear blogger I'm also an illustrator/ designer links to my t-shirt design here  and Jean Michel Basquiat (JMB) Is one of my favourite artists, and I just think that his artwork translates so perfectly as a t-shirt design It works so well as a design that I allowed myself to break out of my strict b/w print tee routine and bring you guys something fresh as I do believe tweaking your style every now and then Is a good thing you never know what you might like If you don't try something new outside of your usual style and you could even tweak that to suit your current style like I usually do but I digress.
For those of you who haven't heard of the late JMB I really do recommend checking his unique artwork out If you're either interested In art, design or just like looking at cool internet stuff *humour .
Fun fact: I actually found this t-shirt on the pull and bear brand online store, I've always like this brand but I just never found that much that I liked enough to buy, you guys know what I mean *humour but this time I actually found quite a few things dope items of clothing that I will be featured in future blog posts so keep your eyes open for that, I'm leaving a link to the pull and bear website so you can browse and see If you have the same luck, I personally recommend looking at their sweats and tees.

Faux H&M Leather Jacket (Sold Out)

Graphic JMB Tee From Pull &Bear

Just Hype Black Ripped Jeans From ASOS

All Black Nike Theas From Size (Out Of Stock)

Graphic Print Black Backpack From ASOS (Out Of Stock)

And since the topic of art has been brought up i do post a lot of my drawings and sketches on my Instagram so you can follow me on their to check those out and also keep up on my new blog posts.


Saturday, 16 January 2016


Fresh New Start Fresh New Look

As you can tell by the title I'm starting this year fresh which Is why this street style look was completely styled by Rochelle Voh, even though this blog Is based around by personal style I do love to mix things up a bit by letting someone else style me, and this happens to be one of my favourite outfits now, and I love how It has a Kanye West type of feel to It, hopefully you guys like this look too and I'l be trying to bring you more episodes like this In the future you can stay up to date on my posts through following my BLOGLOVIN, INSTAGRAM or TUMBLR account.

Camo Jacket From Zara

Just Hype Ripped Skinny Jeans

Black Kavier Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Friday, 1 January 2016


Gothic Prince Inspired Street Style look

Well Happy New Year!!! hope that anyone reading this post Is well and ready to start a fresh new year filed with happy thoughts and good vibes.
I'm bringing you guys my first blog post of the year and It's a continuation of a series I started last year called "Gothic Prince Attire" my fashion style Is greatly inspired by street goth fashion so this series Is basically outfits put together by me that are In full street goth mode this outfit features my favourite sweatshirt of all time from my favourite streetwear brand Criminal Damage, I've always wanted to style this piece so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity, the things I love about this sweatshirt Is obviously the monochrome aspect and how the prints on It have this really raw gothic street style vibe that radiates edginess.
I know that this Isn't much different from the look I did In PT One of this series but only because I thought that the formula worked so well.
I'll leave the information of where I got the components for this outfit below If still available and I hope to continue to bring you more blog posts this year peace.

"The End" Sweatshirt by Criminal Damage sold out

ASOS Skinny Jeans In Black

Formal White Shirt From M&S (Any White Shirt Will Do)

Faux Leather Biker Jacket From H&M (Sold Out)
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